Trend Alert: Platinum Hair

Trend Alert: Platinum Hair

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The air is crisp, the sun is out and the weather is great to leave the heating styling tools aside and let your hair air dry as you enjoy some outdoor time. Yeap, the beginning of spring is upon us and with it, the perfect excuse to try out a new hair trend.If you are looking for a bold change, you may want to look into one of the biggest celebrity hair trends: platinum hair. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Kiley Jenner, Katy Perry and most recently Cara Delevingne have all experimented with the trend, and needless to say they all look amazing.

If you’ve decided to recreate the silvery hues yourself, you are definitely going to want some supplies to maintain your tone and strengthen your tresses. After hair is bleached, not only the color is changed but also the texture; hair that’s been bleached is extremely porous and fragile and you will absolutely need some products to nourish, hydrate and protect your new color from fading and your strands from drying out.

Purple-based toning supplies are vital to keep your color in check, and a must for maintaining platinum hues.

Keratage Silver & Blonde Mask is designed to deposit the right amount of purple and neutralize the brassiness, along toning the yellow hue out while providing a smoother feel and help with damaged, dry brittle hair. Keratage Silver & Blonde Mask is packed with nourishing ingredients like collagen protein, shea butter and argan oil – which will give you smooth, hydrated hair and provide elasticity to protect hair against split ends.

For shiny vibrant platinum hair throughout the season, your stylist will help you determine how often you should follow our Silver and Blonde Treatment.

Cleanse with Fortifying Shampoo- (Do not use Conditioner)

Towel-dry hair and apply our Illuminating Treatment Mist directly to hair and apply over the entire head. Comb through for even distribution. Let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and towel dry.

Combine 50ml of Silver & Blonde Treatment Mask with one entire sachet of #2 Illuminating Cocktail in a mixing bowl and mix well using a color brush.

Beginning at the hairline, apply treatment evenly in 2-inch sections throughout the entire head. Comb through from roots to ends for even distribution and finish application by massaging into the hair and scalp. Start timing when application is complete. Processing time is 3-5 minutes depending on the porosity of the hair.

Once desired result is achieved, thoroughly rinse out all mask residue with warm water.
(TIP) Shampoo hair once with Fortifying Shampoo if hair has a violet hue.

Finish with a Split-Ends Repair Blow Dry to reinforce hair’s internal structure and seal split ends for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.


Fortifying Shampoo

Illuminating Treatment Mist

Silver & Blonde Treatment Mask

Illuminating Cocktail

Split Ends Repair Serum

Holiday Edition: 5 Easy Steps for A Ponytail With An Edge

The great thing about a ponytail is that it can easily go from daytime casual to evening chic with just a few tweaks. Try pulling the sides slick and tight, leaving a bit of volume at the top, like Zoe Saldana.

Zoe Saldana 1 Zoe Saldana 2

Here are 5 easy steps to achieve this look:

STEP 1: Shampoo and condition the hair with Shine Booster Collection.

STEP 2: Cocktail the Soft & Smooth Blow Dry Balm with 3-4 drops of the Shine Booster Serum, apply from roots to ends then mist 3 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray to the surface of the hair. Blow dry  hair with a medium round brush to create volume and a soft wave.

STEP 3: Once the hair is completely dried. Take 1 inch section at the top and back comb at the root, continue this technique until you reach the crown area. Gently brush the hair back into a high pony tail maintaining height at the top. Brush back the sides so they are flat to the head.

STEP 4: Apply the Volumizing Finishing Spray to the sides for a slight wet look. Take a large barrel curling iron and create soft waves to the hair at the pony tail.

STEP 5: Finish the look by misting the hair with the Volumizing Finishing Spray followed by 2 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray for added shine and sleekness.



SB Shampoo SB Condiitoner SB Serum vol spray Balm KTSpray

3 Easy Steps to Embrace Your Natural Curls


Curly Get The LookMore and more women have resorted to wearing their hair with its natural wave or curl.  Giving your hair a break from using the flat Iron and other heated styling tools will restore health and vitality. Try this effortless finish to hydrate and smooth the hair fiber, reduce frizz and enhance curl definition — and begin to embrace your beautiful, natural locks.



Cleanse hair with Nutritious Shampoo and Conditioner.


Cocktail 3-4 pumps of the Curl Define Cream with 3-4 drops of the Nutritious Serum and apply to damp hair. Follow by applying 2-3 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray to the surface of the hair.


Blow dry the hair using a diffuser or let it air dry. Once hair is completely dry, finish by reapplying 2-3 drops of Nutritious Serum for added shine and curl definition.

[REGIMEN] Keratage Nutritious System

Curl Control_FINAL

Trend Alert: Hairstyles for Fall 2015

Can’t believe fall is finally here! We’re all excited for the return of  Starbucks’ popular Pumpkin Spice Latte, BUT we’re even more excited to try these trendy new fall hairstyles inspired by the runway:

  1. Effortless waves: Those who are a fan of the bohemian style will be happy to know that this look is staying fall! This popular hairstyle puts the focus on building texture into the waves for that effortless and carefree look.
  2. Sweep it to the side: Spring and summer was all about the center part, but the runway has brought back the deep, glamorous side part for the coming season. We love that such a simple sweep to the side can completely change a person’s look!
  3. Keeping the pony low: This is a popular hairstyle, simply because of how versatile it is. You can style it with braids and keep it messy for a casual look, or keep it classy by having the hair sleeked back. They key is to keep the ponytail tied low for a sophisticated look.
  4. A twist to the twist: The classic French twist has always been a one of the most stunning hairstyles. For the fall season, the twist has been updated to take on a looser, younger look. Jazz it up with some accessories for a contemporary look.
  5. Knot the bun: The messy bun has been popular, but it may be a style of the past. For the fall runway, we’ve been seeing many knots in replacement of the bun. Not only is this hairstyle even easier to throw together, it also gives the hair more interesting textures to look at!

Kendall JennerSide Girlbumphair bandbun

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Tips for Fine or Thinning Hair

Tired of limp and lifeless hair? If you have fine or thinning hair, you know that: the struggle is real. Here are a couple of things to consider that WILL give life and volume to your flat strands!

The right cut can make a tremendous difference if you have fine or thinning hair. A layered cut can add volume and also help to frame your face. Shorter cuts such as a bob or a pixie cut can be especially flattering if your face shape is right for this type of cut. If not, then a slightly longer cut that ends at or above the shoulders.

If your hair is thin, styles that go past the shoulders will have the effect of making your hair look even thinner. Thin hair requires different cleansing and styling products than thicker and coarser hair types. Though they are extremely popular, many moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are too heavy for thin, fine hair. Products that contain heavy moisturizers will tend to add extra weight to the hair, making it appear limp and lifeless.

We recommend a regimen of our Keratage Fortifying category. These products contain Ingredients that are designed to have a natural plumping effect making fine or thin hair feel and appear fuller. Our Fortifying Mask and conditioners will nourish your hair and repair damaged hair cuticles. If you have frizzy hair, our lightweight Fortifying Serum can help smooth away the frizz.



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[Trend Alert] Sleek & Smooth Hair – How To Get The Look!

More and more celebrities have taken to the red carpet donning a slicked back, smooth finish. Whether it’s high shine or matte, the key to this look is volume at the root and a flat iron finish; parting optional.



Step 1: Shampoo and Condition hair with FORTIFYING

Step 2: On damp hair, apply 1 pump of the Soft & Smooth Blow Dry Balm and distribute throughout. Then apply the Volumizing Finishing Spray liberally to the roots followed by 2-3 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray focusing on the mid-shaft to ends.

Step 3: Using a large round brush blow-dry the hair with volume at the roots and sleekness from the mid- shaft down.

Step 4: Place a low side part slicking back the side below the part as to create an
asymmetrical look. Flat iron the hair from the mid-shaft down the roots.
This will allow you to maintain the volume at the roots.

Step 5: Apply 3-4 drops of the Fortifying Serum to the palm of your hand and
gently begin to apply it to the top and sides keeping it away from the rest
of the hair. Use a comb or brush to distribute the hair back from the face,
and the side tight to the head. Finish by applying 3-4 pumps of the
Volumizing Finishing Spray to the side and top for sleekness.

5 Tips for Dry, Damaged Hair

Do you have split ends? frizz? Is your hair dull and dry? If so, you have damaged hair. Luckily, every problem has a solution — and this is no exception. There are tons of treatments and techniques that’ll help restore damaged hair and prevent future damage. Here are 5 easy tips to begin your “healing process” for a healthier, shinier mane this fall.

Damaged Hair_WebLarge

1. Stick to regimen and don’t mix brands/products. The Keratage Nutritious category designed for Very Dry, Color Treated, Damaged Hair will hydrate, deeply nourish, and reconstruct your hair by penetrating the hair fiber and repairing it from the inside out.

2. Weekly mask. The best and easiest to use is the Keratage Nutritious Mask. Shampoo your hair with the Nutritious and don’t condition. Apply the mask from roots to ends, massage into hair and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. If your scalp tends to be oily, use from mid-shaft to ends and avoid your scalp.


3. Shampoo less frequently. Every time you shampoo your hair you are stripping moisture from it. Instead of shampooing daily, skip to an every other day regimen. This is often much easier to pull off in the fall and winter months, and some can manage to only wash once or twice a week.

4. Use a thermal protectant. If you style your hair with heat on a regular basis, you need to invest in the Keratage Keratin Thermal Protection Spray. It will protect and coat your hair keeping the high heat of blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands from causing damage.


5. Trim your hair and skip the color. If you regularly color your hair, it may be time to go with a more natural color in the winter months. Bleaching and stripping color from your hair can cause significant dryness. Stick with a darker hue for the fall and winter months, or one closer to your natural color so you aren’t forced to add chemicals to it as often. Trimming your hair every 8 weeks will keep your ends in great condition.

STEP-BY-STEP: Body & Fullness Blow Dry Treatment

15KER111_Body&FullBlowDry_4Body & Fullness Blow Dry Treatment [For Fine, Medium Textured Hair]

Results: Creates fullness and volume with a light flexible hold

Products used: Shine Booster Shampoo. shine Booster Conditioner, Keratin Thermal Protection Spray, Volumizing FInishing Spray

Step 1: Cleanse hair with Shine Booster Shampoo and Conditioner

Step 2: On damp hair, spray 4-5 pumps of Volumizing Finishing Spray. For volume, spray into the roots at the crown of the head. For fullness, spray on the surface. Follow by applying 2-3 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray to the surface of the hair

Step 3: Blow dry using a large or medium round brush. Once hair is completely dry, use a large barrel iron to create soft waves. Finish by reapplying 1-2 pumps of the Keratin Thermal Protection Spray approximately 10 inches from the hair for added shine.

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HOW-TO: Flower Braid

Stylist Sarah Lewis (@sarahshairlewis) of Escape Salon in Claremont, California created this floral piece of hair art.

The client’s color was already done. The base is 3N Pravana. “I had done a full balayage on her before and lifted her with Wella Color Touch Sunlights and toned her with Redken 7nb Shades EQ,” Lewis said.


STEP 1: “I blew her hair dry using Keratage Shine Booster Control Cream.”
STEP 2: Used Keratage Keratin Thermal Protection Spray (“which adds amazing shine!”) and then straightened hair.

STEP 1: “I sectioned off the hair above the ears and clipped it aside.”
STEP 2: Use small amount of Suavecita Pomade. “I rubbed it into my hands and along the section I was going to do a fishtail braid.”
STEP 3: “I then braided the top section into a three strand braid and pulled out the edges to fatten it.”
STEP 4: Rolled up the braid and pinned it.
STEP 5: “Any flyaway, I used a rattail comb and Kendra #8 hairspray to tuck them in.”


Content originally from Modern Salon By Jamie Newman

Anti-Aging In Hair Care: Did You Know?

Post_Facebook_Brochure_TableOne of the newest emerging trends in anti-aging is in hair care. Just as skin ages with time, hair becomes more brittle and prone to breakage over time, resulting in hair that’s coarser, duller and less voluminous. To address this and meet growing consumer demand, the beauty industry is creating new products designed to protect hair from free radical damage and other elements that can weaken hair as it ages. Anti-aging formulations are being added to products ranging from shampoos and conditioners to volumizers and serums to meet this growing demand.

Among the new anti-aging hair care formulations  to increase hair strength, shine and protection are natural ingredients, omega 3, caffeine, panthenol and essential fatty acids. As with all new beauty and personal care products, developers are challenged to maintain the aesthetic appeal consumers expect in a product’s look, feel, texture, scent and color while also adding functional ingredients that protect against UV, excessive heat and free radical damage that cause hair to age. Seamlessly integrating these benefits into existing hair care products will continue to challenge chemical formulators and beauty product developers.

Content originally from Beauty Industry Report.